Film Funding

‘Mira’ was made with two primary purposes. Firstly, to raise the profile of a relatively unknown runner who had potential & raw talent. When Lloyd Belcher started filming in Nepal with Mira during February 2015, it was a different scenario to the present one where Mira has become well known due to her success on the international stage. At the time of filming, Mira was an unsponsored runner who was starting to make waves on the international mountain racing circuit. Richard Bull, Mira Rai & Lloyd Belcher agreed before starting this filming project that a short film capturing Mira’s story could be an effective way to help raise Mira’s profile as an unsponsored athlete.

Secondly, Mira’s story is inspirational and can reach the young people of Nepal, especially girls in a patriarchal society to realise their potential whether that be in sports or elsewhere. Nepal is in need of female role models that will inspire other young girls and women. Mira and her story is nothing short of inspirational. This film was made with a clear objective of reaching the people of Nepal with Mira’s story. This is why Mira speaks in Nepali throughout the film and the film will be distributed in Nepal free of charge. This is being made possible by the contributions made by international supporters who are giving directly to the film fund and through the online film sales via Vimeo here

Richard Bull, Lizzy Hawker and others who appear in ‘Mira’ have volunteered their time and energy with a belief in the project to make a difference. Lloyd Belcher has volunteered his time, equipment & other resources without payment for this filming project as well. This is a project that this team all deeply believe in and was never about making money. Expenses such as transport, flights, food, lodgings have been covered by the kind contributions of those who have given towards the funding of the film but none of the above mentioned have taken any payment. The fund is paying for the services of translators in Nepal who are working hard to transcribe & translate the dialogue in the film. Where possible, the project employs & pays people in Nepal for services that contribute towards the production of ‘Mira’.

All Vimeo sales once released will go directly towards the film distribution around Nepal [free of charge] and for screenings of ‘Mira’ in remote villages and areas using simple projectors and screens. There are plans to create ‘race packs’ that will be distributed with the film so that young people can organise their own running races in their villages or mountain areas. In each pack there will be simple race organisation materials such as a whistle, finishing line, chest numbers, time recording sheet, pencil, chalk etc.

The setting up of a mobile cinema in Nepal. A similar set up will be used for showing Mira film in selected remote locations.

Nepal mobile cinema

Mira writing her own narrative for the film