Water Pollution: Origin, Cause and Remedy

Water pollution is contamination of water in different water bodies which include oceans, rivers, swamps and lakes. The contamination of water means one or more substances are built up in water which is causing harmful damages to out drinking water, food supplies and environment. It is also creating issues within the ecosystem of oceans and hurting the plant life and animals that relay on the rivers and oceans for survival. In simple terms, water pollution means dirty water and dirty water means it is unfit for consumption. Depending upon the usage of water it is decided whether or not the water is polluted. If the water is intended to be used for drinking, then anything that makes it unfit for consumption is considered water pollution. Today, homeowners widely make use of water softeners to purify the water and make it safe for consumption. You may check the Top 10 Water Softener Reviews to know the best and suitable water softener for your house.

Origin of Water Pollution

There are different classifications of water pollution, of which the two primary origins of water pollution include Point and Non-Point source water pollution.

  • Point is basically referred to the pollutants which belong to single source and responsible for polluting the water. For instance, the emissions and wastes from industries and factories diluted in water can make it polluted.
  • Non-Point usually referred to the pollutants which are released by multiple sources. The polluted water which has travelled through varied regions after rainfall is also considered to be the non point source of water pollution.

Causes of Water Pollution

  • Industrial Process – When industries release toxin into water bodies before treatment, the water gets polluted and unfit for consumption. It reduces oxygen level of water and introduces mercury, sulphuric acid and lead into water, making it polluted and unsafe.
  • Agricultural Fertilizers – Leaching is the process where the agricultural chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers are released in water bodies which make it poisonous and unsafe for consumption
  • Inorganic Industrial Waste – Some of the inorganic wastes like lead, mercury, acids, metals and more hamper the natural body processes and presence of these waste in water make it polluted and unfit for living things.
  • Untreated Sewage from Households – Moisturizer, deodorants, powder, shampoo, hair oil, sap, lotion, dye and other such products also greatly contribute to water pollution as it goes into sewage without treatment and this can contaminate different water bodies in the process.

Remedy to Water Pollution

  • Stop using Chemicals at Home – Always prefer using environmentally friendly cleaners at home
  • Preventing industrial waste from accessing water bodies – Industries must treat the waste and avoid disposing them, instead try methods like burying it safely.
  • Sewerage Treatment – It is advisable that all household water must be treated aptly so as to make it environmentally friendly. You must avoid pumping the sewage into water directly. You must follow effective steps to dispose it and effective sewage treatment plans must be put in place for proper sewage treatment.
  • Treating Industrial Waste Before Discharge – All industries and factors are required to treat the industrial waste before discharging it and remove the toxic chemicals to make less harmful to the water bodies
  • Promoting a Love for Waterways – This is the effective way to motivate the community to stop polluting water around them and when they will work together great results can be achieved.
  • Recycling – The process of recycling the commercial and domestic waste is effective in preventing water pollution. So, everyone must focus on recycling the waste safely rather dumping it in sea.
  • Use Organic Agriculture – This is the process of using less fertilizers and pesticides

The Comprehensive MSI Optix MPG27CQ 144 Gaming Monitor Review

If are looking for a monitor that tick lovely phrases off from your list, then give MSI Optix MPG27CQ a try. This monitor operates with a 2560 x 1440 display. With this product, you will get twice the pixels as compared a complete high definition 1080p. This means that you will get comprehensive information in your games when using the product.

The MSI Optix will provide gamers enhanced PC real estate. For massive boost and silky smooth gameplay, the product operates faster with 144Hz. For more immersive viewing experience, the MSI Optix comes with 1800R curved structure. Gamers will also enjoy features like LED lighting, adaptive sync and 1ms.

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Connectivity And Design:

When exploring the design of this monitor, you will discover ultra-narrow bezels. These bezels help to make the product great for several setups. To get rid of sun reflection, the screen of the product displays an anti-glare feature of coating.

The versatile ergonomic features of the monitor comes with VESA mount compatibility, 120mm height adjustment, +/- forty degrees swivel, twenty degrees tilt and just to mention a few. It also has a double USB hub, one DisplayPort 1.2a, 2 HDMI 2.0, a combined audio jack, a microphone line-in and an audio line-out.

Image Quality:

The VA panel works with an amazing 3,000:1 contrast ratio that offers true black colors. The color boosting of this VA panel monitor is one hundred percent useful and helpful. The image quality of this best 144Hz monitor will surprise you, time and time again. It helps to make the gaming world a wonderful experience. The high frame rates of the monitor will cover your GPU easily.


1. The product is designed with red LED

2. It has curved gaming display to give you the best gameplay immersion

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4. Enjoy sharper image and more pixels with the help of the product’s 1440p resolution

5. The monitor is optimized for MSI components and systems. This means that you will get the best gaming experience

6. The product has 144Hz refresh rate. This ensure for real smooth gaming

7. The frameless design of this monitor will blow your mind

8. To get rid of choppy frame rates and screen tearing, it operates with 1ms response time

9. There is less blue light and anti-flicker feature


Without any scintilla of doubt, the MSI Optix MPG27CQ is the best 144Hz monitor for your optimum gaming experience. It is easy to use and setup. Using this product will help boost your overall productivity and comfort.

If you want to play your game and have it as well, then turn to the MSI Optix MPG27CQ today. In a nutshell, the monitor has everything you need to make a comfortable gaming experience.

Top 5 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies

The superhero movies were not actually taken very seriously in the industry. But, after the X-Men hit the box office in 2000, the studios have started liking it and adopt the concept of bringing the beloved comic characters to the screen by releasing a different superhero movie. It became very difficult for the directors and producers to hate such films as it tends to make a lot of money at the box office. Since after late 2000 the industry has adopted the concept of making superhero movies and most of these superhero movies were released under the banner of DC and Marvels. Both the studios have tried their luck to create some of the awesome superhero movies which became their rich literacy sources. You can check some of the trailers and the latest release of these superhero movies online now at Movie Box App. Let us check some of the highest grossing superhero movies of all time.

The Avengers

The Avengers released in the year 2012 became the top grossing movies of all time in box offices worldwide. The movie tells the story of few heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor. The plot of the story is to save the universe from the evil deeds of Loki who is the brother of Thor who wants to take over the universe. The comic fans of these superheroes were so enthralled that they watched the movies again and again and this made the movie the highest grossing movies in the box office with over $1 billion income worldwide.


The Dark Knight

This is the superhero crime movie that features the outstanding ensemble cast which includes the late Heath Ledger who played the career-best role as the Joker. His fans were so enthralled by the fight that occurred between the criminal mastermind and the batman and this made the movie the second highest grossing superhero movie in the box office with over $535 million worldwide income.


The Black Panther

The latest release Black Panther become the cultural phenomenon that features predominantly black cast and the live action story of King T’Challa and the frictional African nation of Wakanda bring to life a new kind of superhero which you do not commonly see in any comic book or movie genre. The story is plotted on a frictional African continent where the cast was mostly of the African descent. Although it is the movie of new comic character or new superhero, it managed to top the list with highest grossing in box office worldwide which is close to the worldwide income of The Avengers.


Avenger – Age of Ultron

In the year 2015, Marvel’s have come forth with their sequel of The Avenger, The Age of Ultron which features a gamut of superheroes that played Hollywood stars like Scarlet Johnson, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo and others. The tribulations and triumph over evil have propelled the movie to garner the position at seven and it makes them the seventh highest grossing movies in the box office of all time. The other sequels of Avengers are likely to be released in 2018 and 2019.


Iron Man

The 3rd installment of the saga of Iron Man features Tony Stark who received many favorable reviews about his character and movie plot. This was translated into highest profits that many rivals struggle to achieve, thereby making him the ultra-rich superhero of all time. The 3rd sequel of the movie managed to garner the second highest grossing income in 2013 which is close to 450 million dollars.

This is the list of top 5 highest grossing movies in the box office and for more updates, you may check Movie Box App.